Monthly Meteor Photo's

January 2024 Bright Meteors of Note

Not a lot of imagery from the meteor camera during January because of extensive cloud.  However the attached one, from January 18th, shows the second part of a meteor train.  The meteor lasted long enough to show up in a preceding image frame too.  In addition, we can see the constellation of Orion at top centre, Betelgeuse being the brightest star.  Just to the right of the meteor is the triangular Hyades star cluster in the constellation of Taurus, at a distance of 150 light years (except Aldebaran, the brightest star, which is not really part of the cluster).  The small, hazy patch below and to the left of the meteor and at the same height as the disappearing Moon, is the Pleiades star cluster, about 440 light years distant.  Known also as Matariki, Subaru and numerous other names.  It is catalogued as Messier 45.